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The Puzzle is a solution to live well, when dealing with high stress and uncertainty.
Life is a Puzzle. Master the Pieces. Live well.

My Filter

Frequently Asked Questions


The Puzzle is a solution to deal with stress and uncertainty

The Puzzle material and certified services are solely sold on the Puzzle website, and cannot be purchased from any other source. 

The Puzzle is a solution to deal with stress and uncertainty

The Puzzle is a proprietary methodology, protected by Copyrights.

The Puzzle is a solution to deal with stress and uncertainty

This Copy is personal and cannot be shared or sold. 

The Puzzle is a solution to deal with stress and uncertainty

The Puzzle exists in 3 formats: audio, PDF and online.

  • You own the audio and pdf files relating to the theme you have purchased

  • The Puzzle online is available upon subscription, with clickable access to the full Puzzle.


Look up on the right hand corner of the pdf document: the icons inform you which format is available for that particular piece of information. 

live well be well

The Puzzle is not suitable to overcome physical or psychological abuses, nor mental diseases. I urge you to liaise with professionals for support should you be in such a case.



Welcome to the puzzle

Your pragmatic toolbox to thrive-self-inflicted stress and uncertainty in weeks. Transform how you live!


Thank you for choosing the Puzzle.
Thank you for joining this transformation journey.
Thank you for courage to take the decision to change.


1st Step 


Explore the Puzzle framework


Deep dive


2nd Step


Witness how others have used the Puzzle and inspire yourself

People's story


3rd Step


    1. Pick one Puzzle piece
    2. Apply the tip(s)
    3. Follow up on results
    4. Acknowledge positive impact
    5. Repeat

People's story


the puzzle pieces



FAQ - My Filter

the puzzle

What sources of information feed my Filter?

How to enhance my Filter?

When is the Filter in my head dysfunctional?

My brain (my Ego), my emotions and my body (physical sensations) are feeding my Filter.

It works best when I am able to be connected to these 3 sources of information.

My Filter’s role is to give me options, as these 3 sources of information may have different opinions.
Then I can decide how to best react - and not solely follow my Ego.

To know whether I can trust the Filter in my head, there is no other way but to practice!
Just like artificial intelligence, the more I use my Filter, the more mistakes I find, the more I can correct, and the more reliable it becomes!

For every situation where I chose to protect myself, I can assess afterwards whether it was the right choice for me.
And when I pollute myself, I should look back after the facts and question what I missed.

What made my Filter defaulting?
So l can course correct and improve.

The more I practice, the more I train my Filter so it fits me.

When my Filter leads me to a flood logic, I am lacking clarity and following my Ego blindly. Truth is my Ego has a secret weapon to ensure I listen to it!

Imagine a warehouse full of boxes: each of them is a situation I have lived and hated - so I packed it and put it away.
As far as I could.
But as my Ego is always there for me, it has labelled it and is keeps a detailed database of all these boxes I am storing. And plugged the most sophisticated search engine on top - in case they can be of any use one day.

And indeed: my Ego uses its filing system to enhance my protection!
Every time my Ego identifies a potential danger, it goes through its Cold Case database to search for any match. And when it does, not only does my Ego warns me, but it also brings the box back and opens it!
It is very happy to demonstrate to me that it is right to warn me about a potential risk or issue, as it has proof this can indeed be an issue!
Accordingly, with all its naivety and with all its love, it suddenly brings to my face the most ugly parts of my life to prove its point. My Cold Cases.
And that works: it triggers me, and I lose it.
I surrender to my Ego, as my thoughts are completely clouded!

What is a ‘Cold Case’?

A ‘Cold Case’ is when I bring up memories and feelings from the past, and plug them into what I live now. An old situation I have lived, and that caused great fear, sadness or anger.
It was too ugly and too big to address and digest at the time, so I have rather boxed it and put it far away in storage - hoping I would forget about it and that it would never come back!
A ‘Cold Case’ is therefore both thoughts and emotions together.

Cold Cases are so intense that no one can resist them.
They were real at one point in my life, but they are not real now. Still, although only in my head, they feel very real and connected to what I am living! Yet, it blurs my understanding of what is happening around me right now.
Under the influence of a Cold Case, I lose track with reality, as without realizing it I project hurtful memories into now. While reality resonates with my Cold Case, it is not my Cold Case.
And that explains why, at times, I can be out of proportion angry, sad and/or afraid: I am disconnected from what is really happening to me, living over and over a difficult moment of my life without being aware of it.

I can choose to send back my Cold Case to storage, and forget again about it. Still, my Ego will keep on bringing it back each time it finds a new case that connects with it.

My Ego does want to protect me: by bringing this bomb over and over in my life, it does not aim at hurting me - it aims at making sure this does not happen again.
Accordingly, it somewhere does me a favor: it makes my life so unbearable by bringing over and over my Cold Cases to me, that I have no other choice but to solve them.
Because let's face it: without pressure, I would take it easy and have no motivation whatsoever to digest the ugly moments of my life.
So my Ego makes it compelling I do so.
And as I address these past events that pollute my days, they will disappear like they never existed!
My life becomes easier, and my Ego is happy too as it did succeed in protecting me as future similar dangers will not be as material.

Also, rest assure that my Ego (i.e. myself!) only brings up Cold Cases when I am ready to address them. It certainly does not feel like it in the moment, but I now do have the resources and the courage - which I had not at the time the event occurred - to look into it and get rid of it.

I am strong enough to do it.














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