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The Puzzle is a solution to live well, when dealing with high stress and uncertainty.


1st Step


Mind, emotions and physical sensations are captured in the 10 pieces of the Puzzle. Learn how we are triggered.

10 Puzzle pieces

Deep dive


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2nd Step


Believe it is possible to change. Witness how others have done it leveraging the Puzzle to solve similar challenges

People Stories


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3rd Step


    1- Pick one Puzzle piece
    2- Apply the tip(s)
    3- Follow up on results
    4 - Acknowledge positive impact
    5- Repeat

The Puzzle tips

Practice book 

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A 3 steps approach

The Puzzle is a 3 steps framework to overcome high stress and uncertainty, and live well "with it".

It is designed to be easy to navigate through its various building blocks.

The Puzzle in short

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I am multiple and rich: I am so much more than what I show!


The little voice in my head that alternatively makes my life hell, or provide unlimited precious help.


I am anchored, living right here and right now.


I am connected to my body and aware how I physically feel.


I always have options, and choose how to act.


I create plenty of moment to feel the emotion I seek for the most.


I am able to care for myself.


What I live is disconnected from what happens around me.


I see what I truly believe in.


I can't control what happens to me, but I choose how I live it.

The 10 Puzzle pieces

The Puzzle captures the complexity of our mind, emotions and physical sensations - in a simple way.

All you need is to familiarize yourself with the 10 pieces of the game play.
Each piece is unique, and yet connected to form the big picture of our lives.

With this knowledge in hand, change how the pieces of your life assemble - and be well.

assembling your Puzzle


Own your transformation: you have all it takes. And now you are paired with the right tool to make it happen!

Result focused

Choose where to focus, as per what you need.
Measure progress in weeks.


Learn as you like:
PDF, audio or online


Believe you can do it: build up your self confidence as you witness others have done it!


An innovative alternative, grounded on transformation and consulting methodologies.

All in 1

Theory, examples, concrete tips.
Nail your challenge, learn from how others have done it, and find the tools to shift your focus.

never seen before

What is unique about the Puzzle

The #1 e-learning framework giving you all the tools to turn your life into what matters. 

Be well, fast

Trust it is possible to change your life as you witness you can

Restore your self-confidence as you experiment progress in weeks

Transform your ability to navigate uncertainty and self-inflicted stress

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Who is behind the puzzle?

The Puzzle is a solution grounded on 25 years of professional experience, where I had a great career while dealing with intense personal dramas.

The idea to build the Puzzle started as I realized that my thoughts and emotions were not always my best friends. Plus I had less and less control over my environment, so I had to find creative and quick ways to adapt and recover. I really did not have the patience nor the luxury to wait too long before seeing concrete results! And I could not find the support I needed: I was either dependent on appointments - which implied quite a budget and slow pace; or the self-development material I found would only cover one aspect of my problem. For instance helping me identify what was going on, but not giving me solutions to fix it. Or else pushing solutions which did not fit my problem. 

The Puzzle is all about boosting your learning curve, so your emotional rollercoaster swings down much less, and you get out of the dark zone quickly. 

My ambition is to give you time back, so you can overcome in weeks situations which took me years to recover from - as I did not have the tools at the time. All this time you would have spent stressing, you will now spend on doing amazing things!

Over the course of 5 years, I built what became a simple, pragmatic and end-to-end solution - from theory to examples to solutions. With the Puzzle in hand, you can shift your focus and cope with high stress and uncertainty.

Building upon our champion users, who volunteered to test and improve this framework early days, we kept the iterative spirit alive. We keep on improving our solution based on feedback and suggestions from our customers.

I am also very grateful to each and every friend and family who has been on this journey with me. Thank you for being in my life and for your continuous support. 

The Puzzle creator

“I am exhausted and need to change my work habits to avoid burnout. Just not sure how to do that!” Bree

Use case
Avoid burnout

“I am overwhelmed and drained by all the difficult conversations I should have. I avoid them as much as possible!” Rick

Use case
Master difficult conversations

“I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to find my next job, while juggling with my doubts” Lucas

Use case
Be well during a job search

“Not knowing” what my life will be and when, is very heavy to live with” Luna

Use case
Live well with fertility treatments

4 use cases are currently available

where the Puzzle can help

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