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The Puzzle is a solution to live well, when dealing with high stress and uncertainty.
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Please find enclosed testimonials from people who have been using the Puzzle.

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Puzzle testimony

I was working too much and did not know any better. The Puzzle helped me, step by step, to change how I work. And to overcome my fear what would happen if I worked less. I am doing much better now!


Puzzle testimony

I wish more company would offer this tool to their employees. It really helped us: we are able to talk about the elephant in the room, and have adult conversations about it. There is no problem we can't solve, and accordingly no good reason to burnout!


Puzzle testimony

It works. I am now able to cope a lot better with stress and uncertainty!

John B.

Puzzle testimony

I liked that I could listen to podcasts, as I don't like to read. I found the method clear. Using it as I am looking for my next job.


Puzzle testimony

I was not on the right tracks and working too much. Liked that I could use the Puzzle on my own, and solely what I needed.


Puzzle testimony

The Puzzle helped me slow down. I am a bit better: I have hope I will be able to avoid burnout. Thank you!


Puzzle testimony

I have been laid off and was very stressed about the whole situation! The Puzzle helped.


Puzzle testimony

I was not sure what to expect, and whether it would help me - and I have been blown away! It is simple to understand and practical to use.


Puzzle testimony

This approach is quite unique! I was not expecting this much knowledge, and that practical. Handy!


Puzzle testimony

I am looking for a job. The Puzzle helped me stay focused and cope with negative answers.


Puzzle testimony

I recommend, it was helpful to me. I am going through fertility treatments. I feel more relaxed.


Puzzle testimony

Thank you, useful.


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