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Data policy

Data Security Policy

1. Objective
The Puzzle collects private information for the sole purpose of identifying its members and communicating with them.

2. Scope
Personal data shared with the Puzzle will solely be used by the Puzzle and its official partners, and not communicated to any outside party - to the exception of the authorities conducting an official enquiry.

The Puzzle is authorized to use any personal data shared to communicate on its activity and events.

3. Data Control
Each Puzzle member of the Puzzle has full access and control over his/her data, and can amend them any time.
When you stop being a member, you can also request that the Puzzle deletes all the data relating to your account.

4. Ownership and Responsibilities
Each Puzzle member is responsible and accountable for his/her own data.

5. Breach
Any user who violates the above policy is subject to be excluded from the Puzzle community and website.

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