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The Puzzle is a solution to live well, when dealing with high stress and uncertainty.
Life is a Puzzle. Master the Pieces. Live well.

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Deep dive

live well be well


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1. Pick one Puzzle piece
2. Apply the tip(s)
3. Follow up on results
4. Acknowledge positive impact
5. Repeat

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The Puzzle Deep Dives provide additional information on each Puzzle piece.

Deep dives are structured as follows:

A short introduction, with key highlights on a Puzzle piece

One visual dedicated to each Puzzle piece

The Puzzle is written in the 1st person to entail maximum impact.

life is a puzzle

You have chosen to deep dive into the Puzzle piece: MY FILTER

the puzzle solution
the puzzle
the puzzle


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choose the puzzle
choose the puzzle

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the puzzle solution
Discover the Puzzle
Discover the Puzzle
the puzzle solution
the puzzle solution
Discover the Puzzle
Discover the Puzzle
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find the Puzzle













My Filter is dysfunctional when my Ego brings up a Cold Case. A “Cold Case” is when my emotions trigger an extreme reaction, that the situation I live does not require. This is happening in my head, not around me.

My Ego loves Cold Cases as they prove its point this could become a major issue, plus it gets all my attention! My Ego will keep bringing back my Cold Case until I no longer can stand it and decide to solve it.

the puzzle live well
the puzzle live well
the puzzle live well

With the support of my Ego, I do have the strength and courage to solve my Cold Case - so it disappears forever!

life is a puzzle


the puzzle solution

While I cannot ignore being aware of the voice in my head, my filter is a very discrete - though essential - piece of whom I am. Being conscious of it and using it more, does help me find the reaction that suits me.

My filter is also the vehicle I have to go back and forth between my brain, my emotions and my body. It is the way to check how I feel emotionally and physically, as an input to add to those provided by
my Ego. For instance, while my Ego is warning me, how do I feel? Is this coherent with the danger signals I receive, or disconnected? Also, how am I physically (ex. out of breath, with a node in my stomach, etc.)? My feeling and physical sensations are complementary information my filter uses to set the best path for me, at a given point in time.

The filter in my head at times delivers what it believes is the best option for me, instinctively. When I am dialoguing with someone, there is no time to sit down and think how I should react next: I just keep going. In other cases, I have time to think about a situation that may happen in the future, and anticipate how I would like to handle it.

My filter does not understand negation. "Not to" is a concept invented to communicate. It works with language, but it is not something my brain understands. "Not to" think about something is a concept that does not exist in my brain (ex. don’t think of a banana, and the image pops up!). Accordingly, if I wish to make a conscious decision that my brain understands and remembers, I need to phrase it in a grammatically positive sentence.

My filter is the place where I decide to listen to the warnings from my Ego, or take a different path. This can be a conscious or unconscious choice.

When I am tired, had a bad day, etc. then my filter tends to follow the guidance from my Ego - as at any point in time my Ego is full of energy while I may not. Often, I take a short cut and skip checking how I feel and am physically, to follow the stronger leader - my Ego! Being aware that I may not be lucid in these moments is key, so I can take a step back and course correct (or not, but as a conscious decision).


The Puzzle is a solution to deal with stress and uncertainty

The Puzzle material and certified services are solely sold on the Puzzle website, and cannot be purchased from any other source. 

The Puzzle is a solution to deal with stress and uncertainty

The Puzzle is a proprietary methodology, protected by Copyrights.

The Puzzle is a solution to deal with stress and uncertainty

This Copy is personal and cannot be shared or sold. 

The Puzzle is a solution to deal with stress and uncertainty

The Puzzle exists in 3 formats: audio, PDF and online.

  • You own the audio and pdf files relating to the theme you have purchased

  • The Puzzle online is available upon subscription, with clickable access to the full Puzzle.


Look up on the right hand corner of the pdf document: the icons inform you which format is available for that particular piece of information. 

live well be well

The Puzzle is not suitable to overcome physical or psychological abuses, nor mental diseases. I urge you to liaise with professionals for support should you be in such a case.

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