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The Puzzle is a solution to live well, when dealing with high stress and uncertainty.
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What does the Puzzle product look like?

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Join our community and be well, fast.

Life is a Puzzle. Master the pieces. Live well.

#1. Choose a use case

As a start, we have applied the Puzzle to help solution 4 situations:

  1. Live well a job search

  2. Handle a difficult conversation

  3. Avoid burnout

  4. Live with an unpredictable medical condition - starting with Fertility treatments

#2. Choose your offer

As you purchase the Puzzle, you will be able to download the PDF and audio versions - for the use case you have purchased. So you can enjoy the Puzzle without any limitation in time.

In addition, you will have access for free to the online version for 1 month - where you will be able to navigate through our clickable version, which also includes access to all use cases.

And should you wish to extend your online access, then subscriptions are available.

Last, all our customers can book 1h online sessions with coaches - 1 to 1 or groups, as it suits you best.

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