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Partner with the Puzzle

Partner with the Puzzle


Join the Puzzle family and become a Puzzle Partner

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become a Puzzle partner

Puzzle partners
  • Add another solution to your toolkit

  • Gain visibility: your name, picture and website will be visible to all Puzzle members

  • Grow your business:
         - Be contacted by Puzzle members for sessions with a Puzzle partner, and
        - Create your own private Puzzle events and have up to 6 Puzzle members subscribe


to become a Puzzle partner

Puzzle partners

1. Share your credentials to be a Puzzle Partner

2. 1h mutual introduction call

3. Decision on your admission as a Puzzle Partner 

4. Sign the partnership contract + Charter of Ethics

5. Purchase your own personal Puzzle Solution at a preferred price

6. 2h 1-1 coaching, to master the Puzzle Solution

What value

for your customers

Puzzle partners

1. Access an alternative framework that suits individual needs

2. Discounts on the Puzzle solutions when referred to by a Partner

Apply to become a Puzzle Partner

Share more of whom you are, with the objective to ensure we build a partnership on the same values and professionalism.

Enrollment form

Thank you for applying! We will come back to you shortly.

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