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Open call supporting material - Burnout Prevention

Please find enclosed here the material we shared during our free call on burnout.

The conversation was very lively and open, and the exchange got me to think a lot! Coming back on what I kept in mind from the conversation:

  1. Burnout is an evolution. You have stages - and in the one right before burnout, everything already starts to be difficult. Even taking a 2mn bio break (which you would do running back and forth!) feels like the Everest to climb!

  2. Clearly you do not take care of yourself when you are heading to burnout. You rather disregard how you feel, big times - and focus on working. Little gesture, such as making the shower last a few minutes more to have time for yourself, or putting cream on. Start small and grow big!

  3. Burnout is often related to work - but it also happens to people being home. Social pressure, kids, logistics, aging parents.... - this can also be overwhelming and lead to burnout. Less known, yet to also have on your radar.

Last, and I could not say it enough - your environment will detect your burnout way before you do. Listen to the people you love or you respect, when they tell you you should slow down. Consider their inputs: do not disregard them too quickly!

BOP free session 012324
Download PDF • 718KB

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