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The Puzzle is a solution to live well, when dealing with high stress and uncertainty.
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The Augmented Humans workshop

Carve out 1h and experience the impact of the Puzzle!

  • 1 hour
  • 865 Swiss francs
  • Basel

Service Description

We suggest a 15 to 30mn call prior to the workshop, to understand your context and make the most of the workshop. Objectives of the Augmented Humans Workshop:  - Acknowledge we need to change to handle the stress and uncertainty we live in - Leave the call in a different state than when you entered it: witness the impact of the Puzzle in 1h.  Example of agenda (will be adjusted based on our prep call): 1. Introduction 2. Align on why we are here 3. Set the baseline for the call 4. Discover the 10 Puzzle pieces: learn what triggers our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations 5. Leverage the Puzzle methodology to lay out the foundations for change: - Witness whether life happens to me or for me - Decide what I want to change, and experience why it will work this time! - Imagine what it will be like once there 6. Measure how the baseline has evolved in 1h 7. Wrap up Come alone, or bring as many colleagues as you wish to this virtual workshop: the price is the same! The Augmented Human workshop is highly interactive, and displayed in English. 

Contact Details

  • Basel, Switzerland

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