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The Puzzle is a solution to live well, when dealing with high stress and uncertainty.
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Open call supporting material: the Art of Mastering Difficult Conversations

Big news today, on top of sharing the material and exchange we had on our open call today.

I have decided to stop doing this format of call, as most of you rather like 1 to 1 exchanges, to find the support to overcome the challenge you are dealing with.

So please - do continue engage: the contact form is the vehicle to reach out and exchange if you are not yet familiar with the Puzzle!

Back on today's call: as always, it was a rich and fruitful event!

Most comments were around the fact that the framework is easy friendly, and some of the tips are simple and fast to implement - while the initial belief was that it would take weeks for changes to be seen! Very happy it could already help some of you today.

I hope you enjoy going through the pack as much as we did on the call, and that it does help you too!

DC free session 11032024
Download PDF • 762KB

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